As refugees/immigrants youth's everyday life is impacted by decisions of local and national leaders and the systems they encounter upon arrival. Through advocacy means we engage leaders and these systems and collaborate to find ways to be inclusive of refugees, immigrants specifically the youth, which is the largest refugee populations. 


We advocate for an educational system that is inclusive of refugee and immigrant students and their unique pathways.

We believe that refugee children/youth have a unique life experience and how they undergo their integration process in the US school system is crucial to their success as students and full-functioning members of society.


Key Decision Makers

We engage local and national leaders such as elected officials and key organizations whose decisions impact the everyday life of the youth we serve and their families.

We advocate and encourage our youth to become advocates for themselves and their communities wherever they go.

We are proud of the  Congolese youth we work with and the initiatives they take in advocating for their own communities.