Our Story

Committed to Making a Difference

In 2015, our founder set out to make a difference in the lives of young Congolese girls through education and mentorship by providing them with all the tools, resources and support they need in order to shape them into the leaders of tomorrow. Over the years, Congolese Youth Connect has grown to serve the needs of the growing community - now offering both young women and men, ages 13-20 of the Congolese community a chance to reach their fullest potential.

Our vision is to see a world where Congolese Youth are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential. To create and elevate long-term agents of change in the global community, and in the long-term for the Democratic Republic of Congo whilst also tirelessly working to contribute to a world where Congolese girls and women are engaged as essential assets in all sectors of impact within their communities.

Our mission to reaching this vision is to enhance, enrich, and empower our youths through action-led programs, workshops and events focused on education, mentorship, networking and advocacy.

We strive to reach an equity inclusive goal of 54% participation from young women participants in all our programs, workshops, trainings, and mentorship opportunities.


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