Mentorship is a fairly new concept to the youth we work with. For our them, having a mentor ensures that there is somebody in their life who cares about them and can help them visualize a successful future. It is our hope that this program will do just that!


Building Lasting Relationships

The Congolese inspired Mentorship Program matches volunteer mentors with members of Congolese Youth Connect signed up for the mentorship program in a one-on-one relationships for a year. Through these relationships, our mentors and mentees share friendship and support in their areas of need.


Impactful Networking

We love having the opportunity to give our youth the tools to become more. Networking is a valuable way for our youth to learn and grow into bright individuals. Through networking opportunities they are able to attend local and national professional networking events, job shadow, and even engage in internship or volunteer work.


We show up!
We have FUN!
We GROW in the process.