CYC Dinner/Cocktail Night

Host a dinner party for your friends and have everyone donate what they would have spent on a normal outing to Congolese Youth Connect. If not sure on how to promote it, we can assist you. Email us at


CYC Movie Night

Get your friends together to watch and discuss a documentary on the Congo like The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo, Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death, Reporter, Lumumba: The death of a prophet, Virunga, City of Joy. Suggest a donation amount for each viewer then donate it to Congolese Youth Connect.


Instead of receiving gifts, have your friends donate to CYC as your present.


Host an event (digital or in-person) for CYC, on your birthday, to bring more awareness to what we do.

Raise money then donate it to CYC.


Congolese Youth Connect accepts both monetary donations as well as donations of goods from corporations that treasure our vision and mission.

Here are some ways your corporation/organization can sponsor/donate:

  • Special Project funding

  • Scholarship funds

  • Provide Job Shadowing Opportunities

  • Internships

  • Computers/laptops, school materials such as college prep, ACT prep,

  • Sponsor programs: food, materials, experts etc.


Your Chance to Make an Impact

Invest in our Youth Today

At Congolese Youth Connect, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with all the resources they need in order to become successful leaders in their own lives and in the community. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders we need now and tomorrow - and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions. Donate today, and make the biggest impact on the lives of our community’s youth and their families.


Congolese Youth Connect


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